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| name = Tiny Tiny RSS
| logo =
| screenshot = Tiny Tiny RSS English Interface.png
| caption = Screenshot of Tiny Tiny RSS's basic UI
| developer = fox & Tiny Tiny RSS Contributors
| repo = {{URL|https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss}}
| programming language = Modelica, PHP, JavaScript,
| operating system = GNU/Linux
| license = GPLv3+
| website = [https:tt-rss.nixnet.services/ tt-rss.nixnet.services]
TinyTinyRSS is an open source and self-hosted RSS reader. Make sure you read the Terms of Service.

Note: Registration is suspended for the foreseeable future; there are too many users subscribed to too many feeds and TT-RSS wasn't designed to efficiently handle this load

General information

  • Contact us for an account

  • Accounts that haven't been logged into for at least 1 year will be deleted