🍄Tracking Releases

Keeping up with new releases and staying on top of updates has honestly been one of my biggest complaints about running NixNet. Until recently, I primarily tracked releases using RSS feeds. GitHub, Gitea, and Forgejo all provide RSS feeds specifically for releases, so keeping up with releases on those platforms was extremely easy; I just created a new category in my RSS reader, popped the feeds in, and I saw new entries for every release.

Some software forges don't provide RSS feeds for releases though. GitLab, SourceHut, and lots of custom software don't have any way of tracking what's going on in a repo outside of git. This is how I came up with the idea for s.s>Willow. It supports the lowest common denominator between all the forges: their VCS. By looking at git tags, Willow can keep track of releases on pretty much any forge. Development primarily takes place on SourceHut and there's more information on my personal wiki.