NixNet is a collection of sites and services founded and administered by Amolith (me). When I first discovered open source and libre software in late 2017, it fundamentally changed not only the way I percieve software but also how I view the world. It very much changed my life for the better and I see NixNet as a way I can give back to the community.

At the very beginning, I started hosting a blog and then NextCloud on a Raspberry Pi. As I found more cool services, I wanted to run them as well and access them from school or when I was out. To that end, I bought a small VPS and migrated some things over there. Shortly after, I discovered the [https:libreho.st librehosters] and started scaling things up, adding services, and building a proper website so I could join. I submitted [https:lab.libreho.st/librehosters/directory/merge_requests/2 my application] in December of 2018 and was accepted in March of the following year. At the time, my backend infrastructure was quite terrible; over the next year, I learned a lot more about better ways to set servers up and most of this wiki is dedicated to that. More information can be found on the Infrastructure page.